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Urban nature

"Intelligence leaks are inevitable. The U.S. used to have a policy of Smokey the Bear—zero tolerance for fire. And so fire was bad. There were no good fires, and you were scolded into preventing forest fires. Well, what that did was it suppressed the wildfires and built up this huge bank of flammable material, so when a fire did come in, it just destroyed everything, and that’s what the NSA and the other agencies are experiencing. They’re trying to be secret, and you can’t be secret if the Internet wants to copy stuff. They’re running on the Internet, and it’s going to be copied, and so rather than trying to suppress the leaks and then having this once-every-ten-year wildfire conflagration consume them, which is what they’re having with Snowden, they should themselves allow and permit and manage these whistleblowing revelations in controlled burns. They should have a department of intentional leaks or something where they are working with agencies like Wikileaks, which they eventually will have to do."

What 5.30am looks like apparently.

By First Dog On The Moon. Get it here.


See the full challenger profile by eatbigfish on their blog.

"Show the world what you really do. Be open, visual and honest."

Split screen world.


"Make your passions known because when you do that, then everybody becomes your advocate. "
— Karyn Lu

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From an amazing essay written in 1958 written from the perspective of a pencil. More.

Harbour city (at Brücke 10)

Such a thrill to have featured on Swiss Miss today!