Machsend is a peer-to-peer file sharing application just out of private beta. It’s a dead easy (and free) way for you to share files directly with friends and colleagues.

If you’re tired of sending large files via email, or not 100% confident about the upload/download process with a third party service (who have to handle/store your data), then this is a great alternative.

The only slight drawback is that both the sender’s and receiver’s browser must be open in order for the files to be transferred. No big deal in this ‘always on’ age.

Machsend was developed by Alex MacCaw, a young and entrepreneurial developer/creative technologist, who has also developed Socialmod, a way to moderate social media.

I know Alex through Made By Many, a strategic digital and design consultancy, where we’re both working.

Alex has pretty much done the entire thing solo, in his spare time, from scratch. It’s the first application released under Yahoo’s BrowserPlus technology (which you need to install).

Impressive stuff. Give it a whirl.

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