Volunteering in social media times

Even without the voiceover, this is a terrific presentation about social media and volunteering. The Made By Many crew (where I’m working) have developed a range of great volunteering websites (for vinspired), but the latest social platform they’re currently building is really out of this world.

The presentation is by William Owen (strategy director at MxM).

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These men invented nailpolish that changes color if it comes into contact w/“date rape” drugs: http://t.co/sDNDtlTRJV pic.twitter.com/cmcdfHUemy — Raquel E Saraswati (@RaquelEvita) August 22, 2014

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Karaoke at Mauerpark is unbelievably fun. If you like the thought of singing to 1000+ strangers, it’s for you.

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Perhaps most ridiculous/flawed analogy re #NOTW (says Assange & Murdoch doing same thing). http://t.co/ODrWMGn (@martinvars @joshspear)

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The ‘dread of transience’ (from ‘The Snow Leopard’ by Peter Matthiessen

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