What the f**k is social media?

By @mzkagan (and via @malbonnington) is this great primer on social media and why companies need to get serious. Gets a little clunky and preachy towards the end, but otherwise a much-needed case for social media embrace.

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The Gehry designed UTS business school in Sydney. Provocative. Refreshing. #nofilter

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I have a sword ladder in my lounge room. Cool. http://instagr.am/p/CiUSJ/

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Y'all should be supporting @Catalysr with a donation today. Terrific mission helping refugees in Australia start new businesses. https://t.co/lpt6Gdvzik — Justin McMurray (@JuzMcMuz) June 30,

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Leaving San Francisco. And yes I’ve fallen in love with this place once again.

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