A few years ago I conceived and launched a little project called i-confide.

It was based on the idea of collecting people’s innermost thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears. The site provided a ‘trigger’ (ie “I still harbour a dream to…”) which people could respond to and then share with the world (anonymously if you so wished).

You could also rate, comment and favourite other people’s confides.The project was a lot of fun – a labour of love – and I learned much from it. It had some modest success; basically almost 2000 entries from loads of people in various countries around the world.

I recently decided to take the website down as I couldn’t dedicate any more time or effort to it and there were a few too many bugs making it unusable.If I had my time over, I would have created a simpler mechanic – the triggers weren’t a complete success, even if people could create their own – and it probably appealed to too narrow an audience to get any real network effect. But what I really learned has how difficult it can be to sustain interest over a longer period when you can’t control aspects like development, interaction design and visual design (not to mention promotion etc).

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