juzmcmuz: Digging glass splinter out of foot. My girlfriend has literally reached for a scalpel. Lovely way to start day…

juzmcmuz: Global Lives Project looks gr8. RT @simonmainwaring: Think Globally, Record Locally. Wonderful, compassionate project. http://bit.ly/20KaWU

juzmcmuz: Tackling an unspoken multi-stakeholder negotiation. Crossing Liverpool St Station at peak hour.

juzmcmuz: We’re going to need a bigger (dataviz) boat. Amazing response to this talk. Some ppl might miss out ;(. Stay tuned. (http://bit.ly/Ynpqs)

juzmcmuz: Far and away the best episode of ‘The Founders’ from early-stage seed capitalists TechStars: http://bit.ly/HiKoF

juzmcmuz: Rounded squares. The ultimate compromise for those indecisive shape fools staying late doing presentations. Right @stueccles?

juzmcmuz: Where the f*** is the cloud shape in Keynote!? C’mmmon!! These are the serious problems weighing on the shoulders of @stueccles and I.

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