Of dataviz, Ashes pain, animals and summer sun. Friday’s tweets. 

juzmcmuz: Excellent article on ‘Campaign v. Conversations’ on @eyecube’s blog http://bit.ly/mpCvM (via @patsmc)

juzmcmuz: I love this sh*t. ‘A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods’ http://bit.ly/kFfNo

juzmcmuz: @jolyon_russ Have a good one mate. Keep me posted on future moves!

juzmcmuz: Scary. (via @Malbonnington) When did Americans turn into bunch of raving lunatics? Summary of current insanity: http://bit.ly/KWpbU

juzmcmuz: @PatsMc In response to your pondering: yes ;).

juzmcmuz: We’re chockers (as Aussies wld say) for the dataviz talk @madebymany next week (http://bit.ly/Ynpqs). @mslima is one popular man.

juzmcmuz: Basking in summer sun in Soho. One suspects it could be the last in London… for the year.

juzmcmuz: Just saw a pirate and a giant chicken. Not delirious. Just typical Friday afternoon @madebymany’s office. Afraid I missed the photo opp…

juzmcmuz: @Malbonnington Less so enjoying aforementioned Ashes collapse :|. Be in touch over w/e. But in short, yes, let’s do stuff!

juzmcmuz: @thesavage Ouch. Cracking call!

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