juzmcmuz: Still thinking abt Manuel Lima’s #dataviz talk & his call “to make the transition from tools of curiosity to tools of functionality.”

juzmcmuz: P2P file sharers ‘killing media idustry’? These stats prove otherwise; they’re their best customers! http://is.gd/2ywwL (via @stilgherrian)

juzmcmuz: Current conversation. “I ate some excellent animals tonight. Zebra, grasshopper, scorpion, locusts, couple of egrets” by @malbonster.

juzmcmuz: Having cut a swathe thru Serengeti, @madebymany is cutting it up in Soho. @malbonster esp in fine form.

juzmcmuz: It’s a decision. The hash tag is #hash09.

juzmcmuz: You heard it here first. @madebymany next party is in Beirut, Lebanon. Decided over many beers.

juzmcmuz: @msbondirescue Credit where credit’s due to the Poms ;). Hey if ur into digital stuff & r around today, u might like: http://bit.ly/Ynpqs

juzmcmuz: For journalism “transparency is the new objectivity”. Gd Crikey article on Spot.us community-funded reporting model. http://bit.ly/YwOcD

juzmcmuz: Cool iPhone app finds thx 2 @higgis. ‘WhatTheFont?’ http://bit.ly/ecUQe does what it says & Snaptell recognises images: http://bit.ly/2cNqIN

juzmcmuz: The future for funding is crowded (in a good way). RT @rww: Four Tools for Crowdsourced Funding http://bit.ly/jQIqe

juzmcmuz: Want Aussie sports news on the go, iPhone-style? http://post.ly/2sd6

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