Dumbo feather, pass it on – $10=1,000’s smiles


This is a follow-up to a previous post titled ‘PO Box Stuff #1‘ …
Thanks for all the amazing suggestions as to what to do with the tenner we received in the mail.
After much ado, I decided to run with Magdalene’s idea of spending it on 10 chuppa chups and ‘passing them forward’. At some stage I found myself in a newsagency, bought the chups and then had them in my bag for ages. Eventually they made it out of my bag into a glass on my desk where they sat … and sat … and then gradually disappeared (top left). Rest-assured they eased many a ‘four o’clock lull’ and found good homes/stomachs/tooth cavities.
Then, when it came time to start working on issue 21, I took the note to Jim (Df’s art director) to photograph for our letters page. Next thing I know he’s emailed me with the image top right saying – let’s do this! I love it. Every person who will received that $10 forever and ever will smile … Check your wallets!


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Lovely stuff at Dumbo feather.

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