juzmcmuz: Running tad late. But suspect I won’t be the only @madebymany one.

juzmcmuz: @joeadamfry Excellent write up Joe! Will get around to blogging about this asap. Might quote you! Thx for coming along to @madebymany

juzmcmuz: @IanDouglas Nice write up Ian. Think Manuel handled the q’s very well. Think some of the ‘huffier’ ones came from mktrs, not technology ppl!

juzmcmuz: @mslima Wow, you’re tweeting! You still going to setup a special account for work? 15 char limit, so perhaps @ vizcomplexity ?

juzmcmuz: Great ‘from art to app’ post on data visualization at @BBHLabs blog (based on @mslima’s talk @madebymany) http://bit.ly/AVkAa

juzmcmuz: The geeks in the @madebymany office are installing Snow Leopard. And calling out progress times every few minutes. “57 minutes now!”

juzmcmuz: Oh man. http://www.songkick.com is so damn simple+good. It searches your music for fave artists & alerts u when they’re playing in ur city.

juzmcmuz: Ahhh. Starting off the day with a #Malbonito. It’s the drink for happy people. Gee willikers, thanks @malbonster.

juzmcmuz: Sun Tzu quote time: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

juzmcmuz: @askedgirl Can’t see the post on thinkdesignchange? Says I need missing plugins??

juzmcmuz: Spotify’s iPhone app demo… I think I might ‘need’ this. http://post.ly/3D7k

juzmcmuz: @askedgirl It’s weird, I just added PDF to my posterous and it got translated into iPaper and works fine..?

juzmcmuz: View from my window, post downpour http://post.ly/3Epo

juzmcmuz: OH (while discussing movie options): Maybe we can get some cornpop.

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