juzmcmuz: Learn something new every day: Picasso’s first word was… http://post.ly/3OwT

juzmcmuz: Good post (& video) re IDEO’s Tim Brown talking about Innovation Through Design Thinking http://post.ly/3P2h (via @thinkdsignchnge)

juzmcmuz: Redchurch Street Art, East London http://post.ly/3QoJ

juzmcmuz: Magical London day @ London Fields http://post.ly/3Won

juzmcmuz: An ‘Information Visualization Manifesto’. Cracking, provocative post & discussion by @mslima http://bit.ly/3RnVAI

juzmcmuz: Gotta decide whether to renew “inspired.by” domain. While back had good idea for social site around sharing inspirations. But had no dev ;(.

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