Day: September 3, 2009

When error screens generate loyalty

Brilliant. RT @mattwilliams Shocking statistics about teen pregnancy:

When error screens generate loyalty

Instead of hiding web problems, or looking for pure resolution (ie send report or ignore?), it is nice when you get error messages that are,

Very funny conference of… fonts

Been loads of press of late about fonts and their incredibly important (well, not always) status; what with Ikea’s shock font change, not to mention

RT @EliasBiz: Bah! Miami now calls itself Silicon Beach, under a new newspaper column. Aussie’s need to step up to reclaim it. #siliconbeach

‘Data viz talk sparks passionate debate (and a manifesto)’. My post @madebymany’s blog:

Newspapers once controlled media dist. Now co’s like Apple, Amazon seek control of digital dist. But can’t last cos info ‘wants’ 2 b free.