juzmcmuz: Excellent article via @iA. You’re a little company, now act like one “Be human. Stop hiding. Be yourself.” http://bit.ly/KzgBy

juzmcmuz: @BenDoran I second that reminder!!

juzmcmuz: @GreenFunkDan Love to, if only had time today! btw, I’m working at @madebymany who just launched www.climatesquad.org.uk, it’s v good.

juzmcmuz: @Deskimo Hi D, think my gf got in touch re design thinking+social change thesis. I said she shld interview u! See blog: http://bit.ly/19xI1o

juzmcmuz: @Deskimo Thx. v well. Doing strat @madebymany, who do amnesty ‘protect the human’ & volunteering stuff incl climatesquad.org.uk. All gd! U?

juzmcmuz: Can’t believe no one in this country knows what “arvo” means.

juzmcmuz: Just disinfected Facebook Koobface virus from gf’s PC. It’s a nasty bugger. Even downloads a rogue anti-virus! B careful clicking FB videos.

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