juzmcmuz: RT @EliasBiz: Bah! Miami now calls itself Silicon Beach, under a new newspaper column. Aussie’s need to step up to reclaim it. #siliconbeach

juzmcmuz: @anjali28 @malbonster @higgis Stop interrupting with ur barrier talk… w/o you the office is jumping in spontaneous party mode (sort of).

juzmcmuz: ‘Data viz talk sparks passionate debate (and a manifesto)’. My post @madebymany’s blog: http://bit.ly/UCpBt

juzmcmuz: C’mon Star Wars fans. Enough. ‘Star Wars inspired chopsticks in shape of light sabers’ (via @lostateminor). http://bit.ly/2NgQNA

juzmcmuz: @uptone my pleasure, though you really need to thank @mslima!

juzmcmuz: @simonianson @anjali Ha! You should have seen the avatar BEFORE Isaac touched it up and removed a v dodgy Hitler-esque moustache!!??

juzmcmuz: OH: (Tallish guy) “In my experience, shorter guys get more women.” (His very short mate) “Um, I don’t think so.”

juzmcmuz: @paulfisher Ditto. Was a deal-breaker for me. Threw Tweetdeck in for Twitterfon Pro. Experience better, even @ expense of losing grp functn.

juzmcmuz: When error screens generate loyalty http://post.ly/3u9F

juzmcmuz: Brilliant. RT @mattwilliams Shocking statistics about teen pregnancy:


juzmcmuz: Flawless old school pop from Oz. Right back at you @malbonnington. ♫ http://blip.fm/~csnrg

juzmcmuz: Douglas Adams on ‘How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet’ http://post.ly/3uIz

juzmcmuz: @wdowen You should see my white sports jacket with pushed up sleeves. I look great on my jetboat cruiser.

juzmcmuz: Watch out Hull here I come. Weirdly, can’t help but notice London Lite article I’m reading: ‘Yorkshire clamper/the boy who was born a girl’.

juzmcmuz: @thesavage cos I heard it was a lovely must-see town in UK. Wasn’t misled was I!? (serously though, a wedding…)

juzmcmuz: Ah, good news to cap off good week. Excellent. Having (first) beer as look out the window of train speeding thru English countryside. [out]

juzmcmuz: Walking on sunshine in Hull. Oh dear. http://twitpic.com/ghjmv

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