Day: September 12, 2009

Restarting #interesting09. Last talks on children’s drawings (Israeli drawings of Palestinian kids ;( ) & talk abt drinking rituals v good.

Talk on ‘paper’ at #interesting09 aiming to create group origami. Kinda going wrong. Have given up. It was to create a box. Hmmm.

Wow. Tom from cracking talk at #interesting09 on the inspiration of cartoonists. “Don’t water down your ideas!”

Shame not all teachers agree with #interesting09 speaker: “the web is most astonishing educational blessing that’s ever come into my life.”

And to wrap #interesting09, hilarious talk about difference btw sunsets and photos of sunsets…

Did I mention I ate miniature cakes today at #interesting09?

Ok, half asleep but waiting for the hopefully very interesting #interesting09 to start. Loving the Conway Hall bunting.

If you want to find out why it’s dangerous to mock a monkey, best ask @josiefraser from #interesting09.

Brilliant talk about (flawed) genius of Francis Galton. Invented dog whistle & more. Tho study of arithmetic by smell failed. #interesting09