When you’re an ‘ideas person’, it doesn’t take long to understand that ideas are pretty much useless without implementation (one reason why I think this site is so clever:

However as someone who has loads of ‘ideas’ on a daily basis, this is a somewhat depressing conclusion to reach.

Surely all these ideas have some type of value?I remember that a business consultant once told me that “the half-life of an idea is about three days”. So what can be done to avoid this?

The obvious thing is sharing these ideas. The theory is that if an idea, not realised, slowly dies in your mind, it should be sent out into the world where it can have a chance of another life. It’s unlikely that it will instantly be picked up by someone, but perhaps, just perhaps, it could spark another idea, or take on a life of its own. Anyway, that’s why I decided to start an experiment by setting up @openideas_feed.

The idea is that whoever wants to share an idea can tweet and tag it with #openideas. I’ll keep an eye on any tweets including this hashtag and for anyone who wants to keep track of the ideas, they simply follow @openideas_feed. Join in, tweet and tag, and see if this evolves in any interesting direction. At least, set your ideas free!

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