uzmcmuz: Running few mins late @wdowen. See you just after 9.

juzmcmuz: RT @glyndot: My prediction: Apple & Spotify have done secret deal &, if iPhone app hits targets, it will b bought & rebranded iTunes Stream.

juzmcmuz: Great idea to save dying spectacle that once was rugby: ‘Limit each player to one successful goal per match’. Read:

juzmcmuz: Looking for strategic volunteering opp (Oz)? See goodcompany’s ‘Development Volunteer’ positions. (via @goodcompany_oz)

juzmcmuz: @thesavage You best get this @threadless tee:

juzmcmuz: Just did some serious tee shopping thanks to @threadless’s $9 on 09/09/09 sale.

juzmcmuz: Genius Mixes in iTunes 9 is actually quite cool. Coming from someone who’s keener on music discovery than ‘if you like this, you’ll like…’

juzmcmuz: Like this site. A lot. ‘It’s not abut ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.’

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