juzmcmuz: Hello there Twitter, sorry been neglecting you, it’s not you, it’s definitely me. That whole 24/7 busy-ness getting in way of 140 snippets.

juzmcmuz: “We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for, I don’t know’” W. H Auden (in TED talk): http://bit.ly/Sf62

juzmcmuz: Not exactly a date movie. ‘Van Diemen’s Land’ reportedly making some cinema-goers vomit (that wld be the cannabilism). http://bit.ly/aHtwi

juzmcmuz: This work gives me goosebumps. Visualizing the evolution of Darwin’s ‘The Origin of Species’. http://bit.ly/17VQvm

juzmcmuz: Loving/hating Spotify part XII. Ads start so soon & feels dirty when they interrupt MY music! Feel I’m getting badgered towards premium.

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