I do this to keep a record/back-up of my tweets so I can more easily find them in future.

juzmcmuz: RT @pixtories The (very) short story behind @activefree’s photo; a magical moment in one of Hanoi’s famous street bars.

juzmcmuz: One Night in Mexico, brilliant

juzmcmuz: @WazL fess up. Was that you in the budgies in the park?

juzmcmuz: Obscure. But great Twitter challenge! RT @plantANDanimal: Anyone have a contact for Roland Gift of the Fine Young Cannibals?

juzmcmuz: Correct @madebymany been living this for 2 years RT @jsmakr: Agencies Need to Think Like Software Companies

juzmcmuz: Am kinda enjoying taking occasional ‘hits’ of Twitter vs addiction to the never ending stream.

juzmcmuz: RT @goodcompany_oz WishFest 2009 is off & running! Challenge to donate $1m worth of prof services in Oct. Find wishes:

juzmcmuz: @WazL There you go. There’s soooooooo much material for a series: ‘Waz’s World’ (the unknown histories & the hair-raising inner-monologue).

juzmcmuz: @mattwilliams Ha ha. Thought you might have linked me to this:

juzmcmuz: Be cool if u cld set background sound for ur phone calls (to help ‘suggest’ ur in church, going thru tunnel, in thunderstorm…) #openideas

juzmcmuz: I should be asking twitter followers 2 check out @pixtories project at, but it’s a personal project so I’m shy ;).

juzmcmuz: And now correct link… I shd b asking twitterers 2 see @pixtories project at, but it’s personal project so am shy ;).

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