My top 9 from ’09

Alrighty then. It’s still early enough in the new year to reflect on goodies from the last. Here are 9 things from 2009 that made me (variously) smile, scream, glow, laugh, warm, inspired… or otherwise happy.
9. iPhone


I know, I know. It’s a frickin’ phone. But of course it’s so much more. And it’s the best ‘thing’ I’ve ever bought (excluding of course my beloved semi-automatic ’84 Honda Civic). It’s not a phone anyway. It’s a computer / game console / email client / web browser / life hacker / navigator [voice drones on].

8. Twitter
Again, a slight yawn for the non-techies. And it’s had enough publicity
7. dumbo feather
blurb here

6. Songkick
blurb here
5. Dataviz
data viz for such beauty and goodness (esp writing without words + Manuel Lima)

4. Street art
Blurb here and see more here:
3. Plants and Animals
blurb here

2. Crowdsourcing + Kickstarter
blurb here
1. aquabumps
blurb here


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