At first I couldn’t quite decide if this was genius (in a mad way).. or intrusive. But it certainly piqued my interest. I got a link from a colleague to check out an online banking service at (yes, bad name). I took a 5 second peruse and hit “cmd+w” to get away. Not interested.

All of a sudden, up pops a window asking for feedback on why I was leaving so quickly. And then a follow-up question about what I was looking for. Was this a person (“Jenny”) or just a bot. I asked and “it” said it was indeed a “live virtual agent”. Oh dear.
But it then seemed to unravel quite quickly. Even when I asked basic questions. 

I was left with a slightly dirty feeling that this company actually doesn’t give a stuff about real service. And if they’re so eager to throw me into such a slapstick, half-assed ‘touch-point, they’re most certainly not worth any further consideration.
(It prompted me to do a quick check out the world of “live virtual agents”…. totally shady. Zendough, what are you thinking!?)

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