Want to help create a generation of storytellers in the UK? Design & illustration volunteers are needed.


We are writing to you in the hope that you would be interested in volunteering with us at the Ministry of Stories, a new home for writing in East London that offers young people free workshops and mentoring. And a Monster Supplies Store.We need volunteers with artistic skills at the Ministry to illustrate the stories that our young visitors write. If you have some time to share with the Ministry on a weekday morning – it only need be an hour – please sign up without delay. We guarantee it will be a fun and unpredictable use of your time, fueling your creativity with the power of 30 young minds. 

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator David and he’ll arrange for you to see a session in action and show you how to sign up for future workshops.

For more information: http://www.ministryofstories.org/calling-all-illustrators/

To sign up to volunteer as an illustrator and writing mentor: http://www.ministryofstories.org/register 

This is a wonderful initiative. Please pass it on and retweet.

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