STREETVOX :: a street art experiment in which passers-by are prompted to share reflections about their lives.

Had much fun over the weekend getting this little street art experiment up and running (ably and brilliantly assisted by @conordelahunty).

We tried three experiments. One you can see above, and the others were “One day I will…” and also “It makes me smile…”.

It was really well received and got loads of interest and responses. Have only uploaded a fraction of the photos I took of people reading, laughing, writing and generally stopping and sharing. And you can follow @streetvox for updates along the way.

Given this was just a ‘street art prototype’ I’m now wondering how I can roll it out as a more broadly participatory project.

Head to the STREETVOX site to read some of the varied/cool/crazy/funny responses people shared. 

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