The rise and rise of the Lean Startup Movement seems to continue unabated – notwithstanding the odd notable dissenter (“fat startup” anyone?).

However, with its broader acceptance and adoption come some associated problems, most notably ones of understanding. Or more specifically misunderstanding of what lean is (and what it isn’t).

I have no problem with people who understand the Lean Startup Movement approach and decide it’s not for them (one hopes they have another approach to making something people want!). But as its fame spreads, and the level of ‘lean understanding’ spreads invariably er.. thinner, there will increasingly be those who reject it based on misconceptions or some incorrect assumptions that they are ‘already doing it’.

So, it’s time to confront some of these misconceptions… if only to avoid the déjà vu-esque prospect of tiresome and ongoing misunderstandings over what Agile really is and how to do it (hint: Agile is not about doing Waterfall quickly).

So here they are: some of the Lean Startup misunderstandings that we’ve encountered. 

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