SURVEY: Hello What Do You Do?


I’m working on a #leanstartup here in Berlin at the moment. I’m trying to solve a problem that I think matters; namely, how to help younger people discover things to do that excite or interest them.

I’ve done quite a bit of customer development thus far and found out some amazing stuff (for example, when asked who provides help to younger people as they’re grapping with the question of what they should do, the vast majority say no one, that they just work it out on their own!).

One of my hypotheses is that when people are starting out, they simply don’t know about all (or even that many of) the things that they could do. Which makes the decision process flawed from the start.

I also suspect the role of the ‘careers advisor’ (the ‘middleman’) is increasingly irrelevant and outdated. The advice they might give is quite possibly a long, long way from the advice that someone working in a field or industry would give.

To learn more about some of these things, I’ve created a survey that I need as many diverse people as possible to complete. It takes about 6-7 minutes and gathers information about what people do and their advice for people starting out.

If you could also share with a few friends in diverse fields, that would be brilliant.

>> Go to survey: Hello What Do You Do?

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