There are some points along the crazy startup ascent that it pays to pause, take stock and perhaps even enjoy the view.

We’re nowhere near the summit to be clear, more like the first base camp. But in coming days we’ll be announcing a few new things including the extraordinary angel investors who’ve joined our adventure, a little bit of real estate we’ve managed to secure, as well as a new product release that people are a little bit in love with. So we’re at some type of juncture.

Starting Out

When we started out on this journey, we spoke to dozens of people around the world about their work. 

We learned three important things, which when taken together, make up a kind of Bermuda triangle of people’s work lives.

Firstly, work matters. Your work is an integral and crucial part of your life. Only the other day I was chatting to JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist at, who said,

“People who talk about work-life balance don’t get it. There is only life.”

This insight explains the second element of the puzzle. That people are hugely driven to find, pursue and do work that matters to them. In fact, some spend large parts of their lives in this pursuit.

The third side of the triangle is the slightly sad fact that a large majority of people have not found that fit and are disengaged with their work; a global waste of immense proportions.

So, what is the problem?

It’s clear this is an epic problem. But as we built the product and learned and iterated, one thing kept coming back time and time again.

People get frustrated when they can’t express themselves properly. Especially about their work. When you look at the foundational tools of the work industry, things like CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, it’s no wonder people are so frustrated.

More than 500 years after the invention of the CV, a LinkedIn profile still shows what you did, not what you really do or who you are. Where is the innovation in how people can represent themselves? It’s a running joke that we’ve got to the stage of people you don’t know endorsing you for skills you don’t have.

When did work get so trivialised?  

We’re changing all that

At the very heart of Somewhere’s approach is the understanding that work is so much more than a job title or a CV. When I was describing Somewhere to Jeff Jarvis at DLD this week, he nailed it:

“Your challenge is that you’re redefining the very notion of what work is.”

Exactly. It’s why we say that Somewhere helps you share the full story of your work. Your hopes, aspirations, achievements, passions and what you’re actually working on every day.

We want to make it a joy for people to share their work in visual, social and fun ways. Because when you’re empowered to tell your story, it means the right people can find you.

So we’ll slowly be opening up Somewhere to more wonderful people from around the world. Head on over and request an invite

And of course stay tuned for some news coming soon.


and Duncan, Monika, Luc and Martin from your Somewhere team