I like to start things and make things. For the last 15 years this has mostly been as a founder or product leader. More recently I have been exploring grassroot communities, social impact, and the value of real-life (rather than software) experiences.

I’ve lived and worked in several countries and am very happy to be back home in sun-drenched Australia (living between an escarpment and the ocean) with my beautiful wife Meg (not to mention our dogs Ziggy, Lucy and Ralph as well as our chooks Grace and Frankie).


I co-founded digital venture studio Early Days in 2015. Alongside my co-founder Ian McCallam and a hand-picked collective of expert collaborators, we work out of a sunny studio in Surry Hills in Sydney.

Early Days helps entrepreneurial spirits build new digital ventures and products.

If you need help bringing your digital venture/idea/product/start-up/spin-up to life, come by Surry Hills and have a chat.

Previous work:


  • The Do LecturesPointing the camera back (Wales 2014)
  • Creative MorningsBravery and Other Fairytales (Berlin 2013)
  • Ignite BerlinFind The Others (Berlin, no video available)

Nowadays I limit any talks or presentations to teams and small companies. Get in touch if you’d like to hear tales from the trenches of entreprenuerism, startups and digitl ventures.

Side Projects

Keen to kickstart a side-project and can’t get going? Happy to chat over a coffee and help you find a good place to start.