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When error screens generate loyalty

Instead of hiding web problems, or looking for pure resolution (ie send report or ignore?), it is nice when you get error messages that are,


Laura Marling is an incredible indie/folk singing talent. Her always beautiful, often haunting ballads from her brilliant debut Alas I Cannot Swim have been on

So who are the ‘good’ brands in 2009?

Trend-watchers and all round next-gen ideas people PSFK have just released their inaugural Good Brand Report. It’s an interesting insight into how people see ‘good’;

What the f**k is social media?

By @mzkagan (and via @malbonnington) is this great primer on social media and why companies need to get serious. Gets a little clunky and preachy

Volunteering in social media times

Even without the voiceover, this is a terrific presentation about social media and volunteering. The Made By Many crew (where I’m working) have developed a

The bible of agile web development

Here’s a handy way to flip through the ‘bible of agile web development’ published by the brilliant 37Signals. It’s not a technical specification, rather a


What does an “agile philosophy” really mean for digital? Came across this excellently succinct and energising statement (via Made By Many).


Machsend is a peer-to-peer file sharing application just out of private beta. It’s a dead easy (and free) way for you to share files directly