The beauty of blurry ambition

“If you want to take on a problem as big as the ones I’ve discussed, don’t make a direct frontal attack on it. Don’t say, for example, that you’re going to replace email. If you do that you raise too many expectations. Your employees and investors will constantly be asking "are we there yet?” and […]

Find the others…

  Quote from Timothy Leary. Hat tip to @mygdal for his Pirates Summit exhortation to ‘find the others’…

Democrats vs Republicans – in Guy Rundle’s eyes

“The parties are asymmetrical. The Democrats are a real political party, with all the contradictions that a big umbrella party must endure. The Republicans have become a millennial theocratic cult in the form of a party, a masquerade ball of Jesus, Ayn Rand, apocalypse Zionism and a misogyny that gives the Taliban a run for […]

Some speech. If the moon landing hadn’t gone to planned (via @conordelahunty)

Thanks Ecuador

Freedom loving people say thanks to #Ecuador! New posters for embassies #Assange #WikiLeaks… — Somerset Bean (@SomersetBean) August 16, 2012