The street art in Berlin is incredible. Entire sides of buildings covered. Breathtaking pieces. And just about everywhere you look. However one thing that has really caught my eye is the street art and graffiti on doors. Doors seem to be treated as convenient canvases.  So I’ve kicked off a small creative side project to […]

Life is…

[vimeo 22801252 w=500 h=313] “Every single little thing we do is life. Every single little thing we say or think we will do is the slow murder of life.” I scribbled this thought down last night as I was looking over the beautiful Lake Constance in southern Germany. It made me think of all the moments […]

Introducing voxpop.me

Here’s another little side-project I’ve been meaning to get up and running. It’s called voxpop.me and is (another) street interview project, this time featuring people talking about their lives. The good, the bad, the amazing, the heartbreaking. We pick a theme, head out for some street interviews, then show you the results. The first theme is: […]

Life is…

A few years back I ran a little project which encouraged people to share their innermost thoughts and dreams with the world. I’ve got over 2,000 variously beautiful, touching, troubling and inspiring responses locked away in a database (which just isn’t right). So I’ve dug out a few responses to the trigger “Life is…” and put them […]

5 Ways to Well-being (imagined in an iPhone app)

[I’ve cross posted this to the Made by Many blog where there should be some more conversation, so you might want to head to www.j.mp/happyappy.] I recently watched the utterly fantastic TED talk ‘The Happy Planet Index’ by Nic Marks. The talk covers a lot of sensible ground including why the environmental movement needs to shift […]