The Internet is a miraculous tool, but all too often, it affects us like a drug. Many of its popular apps, news websites, and social networks have been carefully designed to addict and distract, so they can harvest human attention like the natural resource it is. “Keep searching and you will discover,” these services seem […]

Magic afternoon swim. #backinbondi

austinkleon: Stewart Brand, working in a shipping container, from How Buildings Learn My research library was in a shipping container twenty yards away–one of thirty rented out for self-storage. I got the steel 8-by-8-by-40-foot space for $250 a month and spent all of $1,000 fixing it up with white paint, cheap carpet, lights, an old […]

Went to the Whitney yesterday and saw this “find your beach” ad and was reminded of Zadie Smith’s exquisite read prompted by that same ad. Must read.

“Hackaball is the side project that wouldn’t die.” [Made by Many]

The Wines of Westeros – a fun, viral company side project [Common Ventures]

Taming The Mammoth – a brilliant, irreverent and profound exploration by @waitbutwhy of the most important thing to be learned in life. This image had me cracking up. You’ll need to read the article for the context.

Finally got around to buying a print of one of my favourite ever pieces of art by the lovely @stefpos. Hope your hula hooping is still going strong!

Bookshelf Porn – does what it says [Anthony Deever]