Reddit’s crappy ultimatum to remote workers and offices

shortlogic: For a long time, Reddit ran a famously scrappy operation. The front page of the internet, with amazing visitor numbers, run by a very small team. A great counter to the notion that you had to be big to do Internet Scale. When the team finally started to swell a bit, they did so […]

The Internet Slowdown is coming, and it’s going to be huge.

fight4future: Hey there, Exciting news! The Internet Slowdown net neutrality protest planned for September 10th is really taking off. This morning, a dozen of the world’s largest websites announced that they’re joining in a big way. Sites you know and love like Etsy, Kickstarter, WordPress, Vimeo,… The Internet Slowdown is coming, and it’s going to […]

Fundraiser 2014: Help me support asylum seekers in Australia

offscreenmag: Short version: Starting today, ending next week Wednesday Aug 20th, I’ll donate all profits from sales of current and back issues to the Asylum Seeker Resource Center here in Australia, an organisation that helps refugees with the difficult challenge to get into and settle in Australia. Fundraiser 2014: Help me support asylum seekers in […]

Jonathan Keats, conceptual artist

brucesterling: For Immediate Releasecontact: WORLD’S SLOWEST SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS WILL SPY ON BERLIN FOR NEXT 100 YEARSLocals Will Conceal Cameras In Districts From Spandau To Kreuzberg… Each Surveillance Unit Has Century-Long Exposure Time… Secret Photos Of Changing City… Jonathan Keats, conceptual artist

SOMEWHERE’S BLOG: Finally, show your parents what you really do

somewherehq: We’ve just pushed the ‘live’ button on an extra special release of Somewhere. Yay! This one goes out there to all the people who struggle to explain what they actually do. You know the feeling. You’re chatting to a friend or distant aunt or one of your parents about all the amazing stuff… SOMEWHERE’S […]

Ramzi Rizk: It takes a village

rrizk: “Some inspiring quote about decency and the common good” – Some Inspiring Author A tale of two startups: Smart founders, building location based services that connect people and make recommendations. Both had trouble with traction and retention early on, on one side of the Atlantic, critics… Ramzi Rizk: It takes a village

Somewhere Blog: From daily bread to daily meaning

somewherehq: “Work is about a daily search for meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor, in short for a sort of life, rather than a Monday-to-Friday sort of dying.” – Studs Terkel For decades the multi-billion dollar global recruitment… Somewhere Blog: From daily bread to […]

Somewhere Blog: Where technology ends

somewherehq: A new version of Somewhere is being built right now, and there are plenty of temptations we need to avoid along the way. The largest of these is what I’ve been calling the “technical solution to a social problem”. A technical solution to a social problem is a short cut. When it’s easier to […]

The commoditisation of content

An interesting article from the excellent ReadWriteWeb discussing the trends and ramifications of online content. The commoditisation of content

Beautiful social networks A cool article from the must-read tech blog Mashable.