Jonathan Keats, conceptual artist

brucesterling: For Immediate Releasecontact: WORLD’S SLOWEST SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS WILL SPY ON BERLIN FOR NEXT 100 YEARSLocals Will Conceal Cameras In Districts From Spandau To

Ramzi Rizk: It takes a village

rrizk: “Some inspiring quote about decency and the common good” – Some Inspiring Author A tale of two startups: Smart founders, building location based services

Somewhere Blog: Where technology ends

somewherehq: A new version of Somewhere is being built right now, and there are plenty of temptations we need to avoid along the way. The

The commoditisation of content

An interesting article from the excellent ReadWriteWeb discussing the trends and ramifications of online content. The commoditisation of content

Beautiful social networks A cool article from the must-read tech blog Mashable.